You’ve changed to much

You can’t go back

When I look into your eyes

Trying to recognize

What made our life

I close my heart

Dive in your dark


Who are you ignoramus

Trying to judge us

When you never ever felt a thing

You’re a bastard, a no-life one

You don’t deserve love

Only pain and suffering


I fuckin’ hate you,hun

What you became

What you tried to create

The only thing you inspire me

Is the awful word “hate”


It’s like it’s written on your face

That you’re a fucking person

I hate you as much as pain

That one day broke my heart


Who are you fucking kid

To judge thing you can’t understand

You’re just a stupid useless dog

‘want you to sink in the sand


One day you’ll be killed

By the hatred your heart keep inside

Oh please look me in the eyes

You’re too fool to hide


I hate you, I fucking hate you

Hate what you are and hate what you do

You’re useless, such as your heart is

Take a pistol and cock it to your brain

Maybe you’ll understand how much you’re a pain


You’re smoking, thinking you’re cool

Oh damn boy ! you’re just a fool


Don’t even try to judge me again

I’ll punch you in the face

Break your heart and break your soul

Oh yes, you’ll feel the pain


You think you’re in love, passionate

Oh dude come one, you’re just manipulate’


The sex will never save your heart

Hear sincerely in my voice, when I talk

I hate you as a victim hates a ripper

And I’ll destroy you as a perfect murderer



Double L.